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Several witnesses stopped to help.

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Many car accident claims adjusters will ask or demand that you allow them to record your statement. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet. You can decline to give a recorded statement and say you will send a written statement instead. When I asked your insured why he cut in front of me, he said he was distracted. Talk to an experienced car insurance lawyer. Documentation attached. They are normal, and they are not your fault — but if they end up in a recorded statement, they can hurt your car accident compensation claim. This statement helps block attempts to blame you. Dear Ms. Insurance companies often work quickly in the hours after a car accident to contact you and get a statement. I was given a prescription for Vicodin for pain and Flexiril to relax my muscles. You have the right to have an attorney present when you talk to an insurance company. He explained that when he realized he was about to miss the Thunderbird Road exit, he quickly changed lanes to exit.

Once you begin making your statement, the adjuster will probably let you speak without interruption. The claim letter is used for claiming that how a person is eligible for claim.

Opinions vary on whether or not a claimant should agree to give a recorded statement.

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How to Write Claim letter While writing the claim letter ensure that it should be successful in producing the intended result. Get the name, address, and telephone number of the person on the phone; the name of the insurer they work for; and the person or business they represent.

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This is the first year he's made the varsity team. I was told by Dr. To the adjuster, you are just a name on a claim, one of the hundreds they handle every year. You may have no choice but to cooperate and give a recorded statement. As I was preparing to enter the exit ramp for Thunderbird Road, suddenly, and without notice, your insured moved from the center lane directly in front of my car. As a result of his injuries, Jake had to miss three weeks of school. What did the adjuster ask? As a former lawyer for insurance companies , he saw people suffer life-changing injuries — and have to fight for every penny of compensation they received in the face of catastrophic harm. Have you agreed to allow this statement to be recorded? Almost all insurance companies have a typed-out version, called a transcript, of recorded statements. Smith ran a stop sign. Your insured stated he was not injured; but I was in excruciating pain. Finally the claim amount should be mentioned. Dear Adjuster, On September 16, , at p. I was driving my Honda Accord north in the far right lane of the Maricopa Expressway.

Admissions of distraction, sleepiness, texting, etc. How are you today? You may have no choice but to cooperate and give a recorded statement.

But keep the conversation short. Were other vehicles involved? I also had to hire a cleaning person to take care of the house and I will continue to need someone as long as I have pain in my neck and back.

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Sample Demand Letter: Claim for Vehicle Damage After a Car Accident