Women contributing to society

Though even today number of gender-based issues make it hard for a woman to establish her own business. Very often this happens because this sphere is considered a man possessed. Do I think that women now have no problem of equality in the society? Family planning is on such example.

It will help to reduce the poverty. The campaign will be evidence based and come up with correct information about the actual contribution of women.

womens contribution to the development of society

Empires were tumbled because of them. I think, that will be highest among the developing countries. We have to work on this issue so they can start bargaining and get equal payment.

Womens contribution to society today

Family planning is on such example. We have also collaborated with the BBS. Still, we do not recognize women's contribution in agriculture. How can we target these different levels and what are the messages that are going to have most impacts? We have Beijing Platform of Action. Shykh Seraj Shykh Seraj, Director News , Channel i From sowing seed to marketing the paddy, there are 23 steps of which 17 are done by women. The crux of the campaign is that women should not be looked down as part of the problem rather they should be respected as the part of the solution. First of all, the definition of "wo" is the female and "man" is the male. Non-recognition and undervaluation leads to the inferior status of women at home and outside. No one knows for certain how gender roles came about or when they were created. Their role and position were subservient and controlled by their fathers, brothers and husbands. It is widely believed that the economic contribution of women remains undervalued because there is no monetary value given to it. Meanwhile, men were taking leading positions in business, economy, science and were making the image of the society. Men and women function according to different norms and have different views of what is right and wrong; they theoretically have different cultures.

CPD's study will be a great help for women's movement. In regards to women contribution we do not find that number. It took lots of tears, fights, struggle for many generations of women to, at least, get the right to vote.

Women contributing to society

Women are contributing significantly in purchasing land with their hard word and savings. These stereotypes push women to lower status. Women are the pillars of the economy of the world.

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Consider role of women in today’s society