Women and american literature

The yellow wallpaper. She did marry, but the marriage ended in divorce. America created the first transcontinental railroad changing the shipping process and allowing people and merchandise to be transported easily and efficiently Rogers, The awakening.

Our God is marching on.

women in literature

And, finally, this year Carla Hayden became the first female Librarian of Congress. Louisa May Alcott. Her first works were published following the death of her husband as she tried to support herself and six children Baym, Tunc also notes that traces of racism can still be found in Southern literature.

Female characters became more independent, strong-willed, and hardworking. In the novel, Europeans feel superior to Native Americans, creating a clash between identities that does not permit coexistence.

Good Reads Inc. She was largely self-taught and self-made she earned money and respect by writing historical and religious books. This led to the mass poverty, poor working conditions, and industrial monopolies owned by the first American wealthy, such as John D.

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The Portrayal of Women in American Literature Essay