What life will be in 2050

Data and criminal justice.

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The popularity of virtual reality will also grow due to the fact that in real life all sort of accidents can happen to you or you can become a victim of a crime.

There are some reasons to be optimistic about life then. Along with development of scientific advances, people will have more means of transport.

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However future technologies will allow people to create artificial islands and other lands masses in terra nullius more cheaply and thus creating a place where to settle its citizens. How the world will look like in ? Children still meet in classes, but rather to be together with 30 other children, now just pupils are organized and paired with one adviser for assisting. But the one thing that seems unlikely to change in the next 30 years is wealth inequality. Meanwhile, the Internet will continue to radically transform media , destroying the traditional model of what a news organization is, says author and former New York Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent, who believes the most common kinds of news organizations in the future will be "individuals and small alliances of individuals" reporting and publishing on niche topics. That could be expensive, and not necessarily available to all. Charles Ebinger, Director of the Energy Security Initiative at the Brookings Institution also thinks that by we will also have a so-called "smart grid" where all of our appliances are linked directly to energy distribution systems , allowing for real-time pricing based on supply and demand. But due to robotization of the military a country of people if they have necessary funds will be able to have high power AI controlled arsenal that will be able to withstand an army of another country. Some levels are used for human transportation, the very deep levels are used for goods transportation. Tiny chips will be implanted within our bodies at birth, around the same moment you cut the umbilical cord. And rapidly advancing technology will continue ever more rapidly. Because of technologies, people will be much passive than at present. And Anson Mills farmer Glenn Roberts thinks that more people will clue into the "ethical responsibility" to grow and preserve land-raised farm systems. Due to the fact of the exploding wave of illegal immigration and terrorism, travelling from country to country will get more difficult as many of them, will heavily limit the entry of foreigners.

Pregnancy will have become outdated. All of the traditional grounds for gender — the idea that one gender takes care of the other, or bosses it around, however you see it — will disappear. As I suppose, the future environment will have much pollution.

What life will be in 2050

Simon aka ClayClaim is a popular youtube blogger from Germany who loves to to make polymer clay creations based on games. They will resemble people so much that by interacting with them we will satisfy our social needs. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. In most Western countries birth rate has already dropped below natural preservation rate which is 2 children per 2 adults and will continue to do so. According to Bill Mitchell, the late director of MIT's Smart Cities research group, cities of the future won't look like "some sort of science-fiction fantasy" or "Star Trek" but it's likely that "discreet, unobtrusive" technological advances and information overlays, i. Historian and social scientist Joan Wallach Scott worries, however, that unless the countries of Europe figure out how to accommodate Muslim immigrant populations, t here will be more riots, and increasing divisions along economic, religious and ethnic lines , such instability could have knock on effects in countries ranging from Egypt and Iran to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Data and biotechnology. The whole white male thing is going to fall over. There will be a class of people able to enhance not only their education, as people have been able to do for decades — you go to a private school, you get a better education — but their own bodies, through other kinds of augmentation. Smarter than human AI will be probably created much earlier than , and by the existence of non-human super-intelligence will be certain. White men in their 50s and 60s. Whether this will actually happen this fast or not, it will surely happen in 10—20 years, and by the year of , people will think of government-issued money as something from 20th-century socialist era. In , our life will be a lot different from nowadays in many aspects.

That is renting your apartment, self-driving car or assistant robot to someone else, given that you have the funds to purchase it in the first place. School education in Luckily there was a big revolution at school.

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