What goes on notecards for a research paper

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The challenge is in the amount of these notecards which you may have. If you have ever found yourself in a similar state, preparing notecards will be a great way-out.

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This will help you to avoid plagiarism. The middle of the card is devoted to the summarized information which you have found in that source. How to make notecards for a research paper When a scholar starts investigating the topic, he or she has to read lots of materials to get some overall information about the theme.

For more, see What is Plagiarism?

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Now we are going to look closer at what these notes have to contain if you use the MLA style: At the left top of the card, you write down the name of a book and its author.

For each topic, you could have any number of cards from several different sources.

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Organizing research: creating note cards