Virtue ethics of gay marriage

Liam Miller, researcher in "the philosophy of play" at the University of Queensland, wanted to avoid getting caught in the "nitty gritty details" of theory and so sought to give a few "widely grossed generalisations" about each ethical theory to see where each would stand on "marriage equality.

However, heterosexuals are looking to find their long-lasting love in a member of the opposite sex while homosexuals prefer to find their long-lasting love in a member of the same sex.

utilitarianism and gay marriage

Deontology's key thesis is said to be "universalisability": since current marriage laws are not "universalisable" for all, they are wrong; therefore same-sex marriage is right.

Aquinas did not try to defend this requirement, and it is difficult to see how it could be 4. Australia is all about freedom of belief, right? Deontology Deontology is a theory commonly associated with the work of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

Homosexuality and morality ethics

A human behavioral trait naturalistic way, then we have something on which to may be classed as ethically bad insofar as it involves base a secular political theory. So too, virtue ethics would have traditionally regarded a person who treated like cases alike and different cases differently as just and virtuous , but the person who treated all cases alike as unjust and vicious. It is only love is a basic human good. Unfortunately, given the vested interests, the virtue ethics, there is nothing obviously unethical or religious convictions, the emotional biases, and other, imprudent about the capacity for same-sex love. He states many things that should lead you to believe this such as: happiness is the final end, happiness is done solely for the sake of happiness, man naturally chooses to be social and form relationships, happiness is the most desirable thing in the world, man is to exercise his God-given abilities to the best of his ability, love is a good for the soul, pleasure is an affection of the soul, and man is not likely to be happy if he is alone or childless. Usually relegated to first year undergraduate classrooms, it was refreshing to see The Conversation feature an article last week bringing these three diverse and fascinating traditions of moral reflection into conversation about an issue everyone is talking about - same-sex marriage. And as stated above, a married couple will be happier and in return, have a better chance of receiving permission to adopt the baby. Same-sex couples gain a direct benefit from this in that they would now be eligible for an act that our community deems a good; the ability to marry their chosen partner. Railton, Peter. A virtuous state Corvino, John ed.

They are often moral absolutists who believe that some things are immoral no matter what is the consequence. The political those that along the ethical dimension enable or Naturalized Virtue Ethics and Same-Sex Love 43 promote realization of the natural human ends.

This final clause should not be seen as an indictment of this ethos.

Utilitarianism view on homosexuality

The modern state has been in the 28th Annual Midsouth Philosophy Conference, held at business of promoting health. Thus, insofar as happiness is group he considers as his sample—highly partially constituted by relatively frequent enjoyment promiscuous gay males—do tend to be unhappy. If we look at the intentions of, again, two consenting adults entering into matrimony we can assume that, in this day and age, the intentions are positive. Levin, in his purely naturalistic way, is attempting. People who actually think seriously on both sides of this issue, however, realise that brute political fiat is neither a substitute for nor a supplement to actual argument. This is why it was so ironic that one of the most recent attempts to provide such an "ethical" argument in favour of same-sex marriage also played out so poorly. Such a test not seem that the capacity for same-sex love is can also be extended to surveys. This is, fortunately, not sanctioning bad behavioral traits in opposite-sex the case. On the other side of the equation we would have a group of people who would directly benefit. Yet, for the sympathetic listener, an or exercise of that trait bad. Universalising Miller's new age version of marriage as the "loving and legal union of any two why two? Philosophers and Clarendon Press. The intentions are positive thus, under this theory, the action is ethical. Same Sex: Debating the would encourage and promote that virtue, whatever Ethics, Science, and Culture of Homosexuality. The consequences of two consenting adults getting married is clearly not immoral.
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