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Strengths and weaknesses in current legislation and policy relating to those vulnerable to abuse

Agencies working in partnership was said to aid the protection of vulnerable adults at risk of abuse by providing a consistent and effective response to concerns or formal complaints or anxiety surrounding possible abuse. It is all about preventing neglect and abuse and promoting good practice. Alerting occurs when a member of staff is been informed, has concerns or suspects that abuse or neglect has or is taking place. Itis also required that a timescale for a review of the plan should be set. It may become apparent that from this, supervision is to be given as a precaution. The Independent Safeguarding Authority was established because of this Act. The Independent Safeguarding Authority ISA was created to implement the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act , to help prevent unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults. Restraint may only be used where it is necessary to protect the person from harm and is proportionate to the risk of harm. They comprise of members of local social services authority, voluntary sector, police, housing and NHS as a minimum.

Reporting abuse is no easy thing to do and due to embarrassment or fear, a vulnerable person may not wish to speak out. However, it is also to be noted that multi-agency working in itself may have considerable impact in my service setting due to potential problems with information sharing and contact that are often required to be overcome.

This definition does seem to identify groups of people such as the elderly as being vulnerable and we may find this unacceptable. Bostock et al.


The term safeguarding practise is most commonly applied to children and young people under the age of 18 and is further differentiated in some texts were children refers to those under the age of 18 who are still in full time education, and young people as those under the age of 18 who have left full time education.

The Care Quality Commission identifies factors that can help to prevent abuse from happening: - Operating a culture of openness and dignity.

what is child safeguarding

Another GP was called again and decided to call the ambulance and to take Mrs B in. Any changes to or the introduction of policies and procedures require training and supervision to staff members. However, if a serious crime has taken place or there is a need for an immediate police response to protect the adult at risk, consider dialing Mrs B developed a mouth thrush due to antibiotics and the fact that she was refusing to eat and drink.

Difference between safeguarding and protection

The referrer should also ensure that the facts are gathered which may include talking to the Alerter. Restraint may only be used where it is necessary to protect the person from harm and is proportionate to the risk of harm. The Act relates to people with a mental disorder impeding choice, as well as to children. Unit Understand safeguarding of children and young people. Our Health, Our Care, Our Say had main objectives consisting of partnership working between the public, providers of care and the Government to identify priorities in policy and to create new approaches to the future of care as well as increasing public involvement in the policy process. They all start from an alert which requires an immediate response from the Alerter to ensure that the vulnerable adult is safe. Public Interest Disclosure Act — This Act was implemented in and is to protect workers in the public, private and voluntary sectors from victimization in employment following a disclosure in a number of circumstances including a danger to health and safety of any individual, a criminal offence and the breach of a legal obligation. Additionally, we might include such things as domestic abuse, enforced marriage and prostitution as form of abuse. A robust recruitment and staff induction process. Family was involved and agreed that allegation was unfounded. This paper intended to set out a care system that addressed the demographic changes presented by an ageing population who would depend on long term care in to the future.

They may make excuses for why they have bruises or why they are always short of money.

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