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There is nothing else, no greater end to truth. Although this topic is rather difficult, there is a way to illuminate this issue.

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This is to say that each person has a worldview. The Christian worldview is like no other because it does not try to pretend that humans are perfect and should be appalled at their behavior or thoughts.

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The question is often asked if there is such a thing as a right or wrong worldview, since it can consist of subjective opinions on life, love, family and religious philosophies. He entitled his greatest theological works in a vicious circle, made in his creation and.

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It is centered on the belief that God is an autonomous God, who loves people enough to restore them through salvation and redemption instead of vengeance. But it doesn't end there, as faith without works is dead James NIV.

True Christianity is more than a set of rules and religious doctrines. According to this theory universe is old, it is for about 14 billion years old. Word count: 3 Bibliography Elwell, Walter A.

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