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Alexander thanked the scouts for bringing him this gift, then, without touching a drop, he lifted the helmet and poured the precious liquid into the sand. I have seen estimates of Vietnamese civilian casualties between two and three million, which is correct I do not know nor care. Is it something we have to be indoctrinated with by mentors and elders? The notion that "warriors" join the military for noble service is a fiction. Army recruiters target low income populations, with promises of jobs, education, and what ever it takes. We have learned that all extensions of territory, all usurpations, by force or by fraud, which have long been connected by prejudice with the idea of 'rank,' of 'hegemony,' of 'political stability,' of 'superiority' in the order of the Powers, are only the cruel jests of political lunacy, false estimates of power, and that their real effect is to increase the difficulty of administration and to diminish the happiness and security of the governed for the passing interest or for the vanity of those who govern In victory, do not brag; in defeat, do not weep. Guess which the generals chose? Meet him a among the man-killing spears. We duel adversity every day, you and I. This book is a loosely structured compilation of his thoughts. They could either modernise, which would mean a change in the ruling class, or fight. A half century later, the Spartans dealt away the hard won independence of the Greek city states of Asia in return for Persian assistance in their war against Athens. Right now in the Middle East, it is the military who are attacking and killing civilian protesters who are fighting for social justice.

The returning warrior possesses the Warrior Ethos, and this is a mighty ally in all spheres of endeavor. If so, what are its tenets? To be fair Pressfield does attempt to distinguish between "noble" warriors and tribalism, but it is a distinction entirely lacking in the practical application of military force.

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Suddenly, a detachment of scouts came galloping back to the king. He includes numerous references to the Bhagavad-Gita and the metaphor of fighting enemies on the battlefield and enemies inside oneself. I am not a fan of the Spartans, in fact I find it inconceivable that an ethical individual can find a single redeeming feature in their society. So, the Spartans were great because they "exposed" some would call it murder , new born infants who had minor, unimportant birth defects, they despised those who had physical disabilities Stephen Hawking, for example , they beat children who could not steal food well enough, and had families ripped apart as children were compelled to live in military dormitories. And then, due to this "honour", never complained or protested. Keep you mouth shut and do what you are told. Is a code of honor necessary? Did the Soviet troops who invaded Afghanistan such a dangerous country Afghanistan, it is so dangerous that it has been invaded by just about every major power at one time or another , possess the "warrior ethos". I mean really, that number is entirely impossible. The warrior virtues in Sparta he claims, were upheld and reinforced by the strength of the women. How does it arise? Pressfield mentions the Japanese and Bushido. What ethic does he fight by? Last, Pressfield mentions Thermopylae.

The plan was to tarry a few days at a defensible spot, give the Persians a bloody nose, in order to put some backbone into the oligarchic northern Greek states, who were ready to go over to the Persians at the first opportunity.

Pressfield mentions the Japanese and Bushido. Or does it arise spontaneously, summoned by the exigencies of the struggle and the imperatives of the human heart? At once, a great cheer ascended, rolling from one end of the column to the other.

Its ruling class was feeling the heat. In victory, do not brag; in defeat, do not weep.

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It was quite a logistical challenge, and we got a lot of help from friends on active duty. Warriors and Artists What is a warrior anyway? The upper echelons of the military come from the upper echelons of society, and the true purpose of the military is to protect the status quo, and the ruling class.

Right now in the Middle East, it is the military who are attacking and killing civilian protesters who are fighting for social justice.

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