The threats to facebook users privacy

By making your contacts aware of the scenario will also make them extra alert. The company did not make those features available in Europe.

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They either prefer to play these games online or tempted to download and install gaming software to play it offline. Most of the individuals even end up sharing their bank or credit card details with these fraudulent people. Your ownership of your content is not in question, but you have granted Facebook permission republish it in just about any way the company deems appropriate.

This is nothing but Two-Factor Authentication wiki.

Facebook privacy and security issues

Common human errors: Technology has become a vital part of our lives and every day we need to look after multiple devices to get in touch with our family, friends, colleagues or even strange people. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission also began an investigation with the FTC to determine what Facebook knew about Cambridge Analytica's activity in and if the company held back on revealing pertinent information. For example, if you bought a plane ticket, it would suddenly pop up on your wall for everyone to see. Want To Buy Some Ads? GDPR gives users the right to access their data, delete it or transfer it to competing companies. This can be good if they are attending an educational event or corporate conference. Protect your location privacy: Young adults tend to personalize their social media profile by updating the live location from their Smartphone device. Phishing: Phishing mainly involves creating fake social media accounts that look very similar to the actual profile of your company. As someone looking to purchase ads, how are you to decide where to put your budget? We do not give advertisers access to your personal information.

Facebook survived a fairly quiet summer in before news broke in September that attackers exploited a vulnerability and obtained access tokens for what was first thought to be as many as 50 million accounts. Mark Zuckerberg has created a platform that encourages users to share their personal information, which Facebook have exploits for profit.

And how does Facebook respond to the requests?

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This way of judging risk contrasts with the slower, more analytical approach that uses logic, reason and evidence. Think twice before clicking any links: There are many malicious links presents on social media nowadays which are meant for making cyber frauds.

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Privacy, Security & Health Risks of Social Media & How to Prevent Those