The positive effects of gene altering

The medical impact of gene therapy can create permanent results. It offers hope.

gene therapy pros and cons 2018

Some diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, might impact different areas of the body simultaneously as well. Then the results from each study are carefully examined to determine if the risks of the therapy are acceptable when compared to the potential rewards.

Stem cells can be isolated from a patient, and then genetically modified in tissue culture to start the expression of a new gene.

gene therapy

Only one person had ever been treated with the drug since Scientists believe that every human has about 25, genes per cell. There could be unwanted immune system reactions. With gene therapy we can eliminate these diseases before they even show their fist symptom.

It is entirely possible that the altered viruses that deliver the information to the cells could infect additional ones — not just the ones that contain the mutated or missing genes.

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What are the ethical issues surrounding gene therapy?