The importance of multiculturalism

I am proud to be Canadian when I experience the mosaic I am a part of. Differences aside, human beings, regardless of their specific culture of origin, strive to provide the best they can for their family, and to live in as peaceful and harmonious a world as possible.

Why is multiculturalism important in australia

Gender approach This approach tries to raise awareness to the learners who are not sexist because basically sex is nothing that prevents someone to achieve success. With this approach, all forms of social construction in the school stating that women are under men can be eliminated. It is a bridge between the divide of tolerance and acceptance. It is chauvinistic and dangerous if we believe there is no merit in understanding the differences among our global neighbours. Our culture is what shapes us, it shapes our behavior and our identity. Sociological approach This approach presupposes the process of contextualization on what has happened in the past or on the arrival in the past. Multiculturalism may be the antidote for the inappropriate and destructive behaviour of dictatorial regimes and religious orthodoxy, regimes bent on breaking the will and spirit of their subjects and antagonizing their neighbours. Learners conduct the exploration of the natural surroundings with the potential of individually-owned basis. Ideology of anthropologists is multiculturalism itself. Fifthly, multicultural education is a human moral experience. Fourthly, double cultural education. This approach allows a learner to be smart and clever.

This approach can be combined with the second method, the method of enrichment. It is a bridge between the divide of tolerance and acceptance.

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My involvement began through the study Anthropology at North Sumatra University. Suddenly, I found myself feeling inexpressibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a vibrant congregation of cultures and experiences. Relative to so many cities and countries around the world, Toronto and Canada are such a model of civility, a model that is envied and admired, and yet one that some Canadians are only too quick to criticize. The backgrounds and different understandings that exist from people being encouraged to continue their ethnic traditions and explore their interests are assets. A little nationalism, like a little knowledge, can be a very dangerous thing and, as history has shown to the point of redundancy, it can be a catalyst for egregiously barbaric and immoral treatment. This is mostly thanks to the international environment at YCIS, a school that I have been studying at since kindergarten. As a community, we come together to fellowship and to support something we value and share in common. Such community engagement fosters not only mutual respect but also constructive collaboration and more effective communication regarding the needs and concerns of all community members. It means that each learner should be seen as an independent and unique human character. Fourthly, double cultural education. This approach can at least understand that what is portrayed by the women and men today is socially constructed.

Thus, this approach needs to appreciate all the symptoms that occur in the community by seeing it as part of the dynamics of the artistic and aesthetic.

Only then can we work toward a truly egalitarian world. What is your religion? Fourthly, double cultural education.

why is multiculturalism good

They, of course, do not rule out the possibility of other approaches, in addition to the six approaches above-mentioned, it is possible to apply for the realization of multicultural education in Indonesia.

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The importance of multiculturalism