The classroom revolution brought by the smart board

This is of importance especially owing to the fact that medical students are highly mobile, balancing schedules on campus and off campus [ 43 ].

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A well-structured computer-assisted session is enjoyable and appealing and maintains the interest of the student [ 39 ]. After the broadcast: disrupting health sciences 'students' lives with SMS.

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In this way, professional media skills can be systematically expanded and further developed. The move towards flexible learning space and digital classrooms means students access becomes a more integral part of information assembly.

Keywords: Teaching; BlackboardMedical Education Introduction Teaching and learning, which is the passing of knowledge from one generation to another has been in existence from the earliest times of human civilization.

The classroom revolution brought by the smart board

Publishing does change education and has demonstrated this catalyst for educational change, visible through both the chalkboard and smart board, and vice versa. Med Teach.

History of technology in the classroom timeline

Raja Bandaranayake for his valuable suggestions and editing this manuscript. The chalkboards faults are however that it is rather difficult to teach concepts that are best taught dynamically and it is difficult to teach multimedia, especially in modern society, hence the shift towards smart boards in education. Holzl J. There boards are convenient for drawing diagrams and highlighting. It created this heavy reliance on verbal communication, with tools such as the chalkboard, there was a strong emphasis on written communication, resulting into this very one dimensional approach to education. Devitt P, Palmer E. Romiszowski A. It allows students to work together with their peers and teachers to make use of the work space. This clearly represents the great impact one such publication technology has made, by its favoured choice in education classrooms.
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The History of Interactive Whiteboards