The best invention of the 20th

However, I think I have managed to whittle it down to those ten innovations or technologies that have had the greatest influence on humanity—both positively and the negatively. Mann 7.

20th century technology that changed the world

And yet this past half century has been the fastest-ever time of technological growth. As it happens, both of these made it to our final list: the discovery and application of nuclear fissionwhich led to both the atomic bomb and nuclear-power plants, was No.

People can read or watch any types of content online whether through a site or social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

21th century inventions

The first vaccine for smallpox was developed by Edward Jenner in Moreover, the sort of development that had transformed the reciprocating steam engine into the steam turbine occurred with the internal-combustion engine, the gas turbine replacing the reciprocating engine for specialized purposes such as aero-engines, in which a high power-to-weight ratio is important.

It introduces the concept of "packet switching," which simultaneously delivers messages as short units and reassembles them at their destination.

Greatest inventions of the 21st century

But it was centuries before the invention of eyeglasses dramatically raised the collective human IQ, and eventually led to the creation of the microscope and the telescope. For example, it led to the development of online education and economy; the best way to promote your company in is through Google search. After penicillin, the highest-ranked item from this category was optical lenses , at No. Optical lenses, 13th century Refracting light through glass is one of those simple ideas that took a mysteriously long time to catch on. Circa BC, Oxen drawing an ancient Egyptian two-wheeled chariot. C, human figurines were used to strike the hour bells in the Egyptian water clocks. Nov 19, Michael Stillwell On any normal day, you might buckle your seatbelt, get cash from an ATM, check the news on your cellphone. Clarke, who envisioned a global communications network based on geosynchronous satellites.
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65 Best Inventions of the Past 65 Years