The activity based costing method development and

The activity based costing method development and

Malmi, T. The most common management reaction to an ABC report is to reduce the quantity of activity drivers used by each cost object. It is usually quite easy to segregate overhead costs at the plant-wide level, so you can compare the costs of production between different facilities. Convert the results of the ABC system into reports for management consumption. But, we can also find a similarity between the Chinese and French situations. Bescos, P. There may be several of these secondary cost pools, depending upon the nature of the costs and how they will be allocated. Use a data collection system to collect information about the activity drivers that are used to allocate the costs in secondary cost pools to primary cost pools, as well as to allocate the costs in primary cost pools to cost objects. The best work-around is to design the system to require the minimum amount of additional information other than that which is already available in the general ledger. Rahmouni, A. It can be expensive to accumulate activity driver information, so use activity drivers for which information is already being collected, where possible.

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Godowski, C. Malmi, T.

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Then allocate the cost per unit to the cost objects, based on their use of the activity driver. Ou, P. The Activity Based Costing Process Flow Activity-based costing is best explained by walking through its various steps. Production facility cost.

Thus, the larger the number of departments involved in the system, the greater the risk that data inputs will fail over time.

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