Sunnie and shia divide essay

Hadith are the reports of the words and deeds of the prophet and considered an authoritative source of revelation, second only to the Quran. Shia-Sunni conflicts are raging in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Pakistan and the divide is growing deeper across the Muslim world.

Before he was about to die he did not give the public the opportunity to elect the next Khalifah, but instead nominated Umar. The conflicts that occur throughout the world can be two countries fighting each other, or countries that are fighting within.

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Aisha was defeated, but the roots of division were deepened. In some regions of Iran, like Turkmen Sahra, school books have had Sunni information removed Modern Examples Iraq is the first modern example of how the Sunni Shia conflict has been brought to the surface and enflamed due to politics.

Both sides fear that whoever wins power will wipe out the loser, with the use of power each side becoming significantly more radicalized and militarized.

Evidently, this ancient divide is contributing in one way or the other to the resurgence of conflict in Muslim countries especially in the Middle East. Sunni Muslims trusted the secular leadership of the caliphs during the Ummayad based in Damascus from A.

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The Iran-Iraq War brought into focus some of those traditions and how they conflicted, while also bringing Iraq and its economic situation into the spotlight

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