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General Education. From then on, they have a wide range of options, all of interest to the economic and social development of the country, in accordance with the workforce demand required for the coming years, including: teacher training for primary and pre-school education, skilled technical workers and university graduates to continue their graduate studies in areas of economic and social interest. In fact, located in the Caribbean, Cuba provides an incredible blend of rich history, interesting geography, and unique culture Upon completing this stage, the student enters a school near his home, which is considered a micro-university because that is where he will continue his professional development under the direct guidance of a mentor who will accompany him throughout his career, which is complemented by the university courses he will attend to achieve his higher level education. But, there were also clear distinctions, like the war emblems. Special Education. Since the Republic of Cuba is a socialist republic means that Cuba they are constitutionally dedicated to constructing a socialist society. Both goals are focused on the school, on the vocational training process that takes place inside and outside the classroom, by which students share, through work, the rules of conduct and values related to the development of their consciousness as producers that will enable them to internalize the culture of work as education of the individual in its broadest sense. Conclusions The economic and social landscape that characterizes today's world, with its major conflicts and inequalities, of both natural origin and political and social character, has a direct impact on the mission and roles to be fulfilled by education anywhere in the world, where only the strength of the peoples and the political will of their leaders will enable its realization. And this precept is fulfilled because there is close coordination between the policies and strategies implemented by the country to ensure the educational development and economic and social progress it requires. Batista was a strict and materialistic ruler who seized as much wealth as he could from the people of Cuba during his reign It must be able to compete domestically and then eventually expand to compete internationally.

The Cuban army discovered the US ships entering the bay early. These are some of the first things that most commonly come to mind when one thinks of the island of Cuba.

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Thus, the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba in force since establishes in several articles the fundamental principles and objectives of education, according to which the "Socialist State, as the power of the people [ Garcia, Iran and Maria Olivas.

Cuba lies just ninety miles south of Key West, Florida; therefore its climate is subtropical or temperate. Claudia Balmaseda is a film editor.

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Cuba has been effected by other countries, a bad leader, and many internal conflicts. Since Cuba became socialism country, the government manages each work.

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Education in Cuba: Foundations and challenges