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The key strategies are the broad approaches and methods that Starbucks will apply to achieve their marketing goals. In completing the One Page Marketing Plan, it's about filtering and condensing all of the information into the salient and relevant points.

I've based this marketing plan example on a real-life brand and used insights that I've gathered from researching Starbucks' activities and agenda, yet I want to be clear and transparent that this is not Starbucks' actual plan and is in no way associated with the company itself in any capacity.

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We want to continually implement the use of these machines in more of our stores. Most of the 4, franchised stores are located in shopping malls and airports.

Was the temperature of the drink within range? The activities highlighted provide a high-level view of the plan; each element would then be worked up separately with a campaign delivery plan. Starbucks coffee brands are also marketed through grocery stores in the form of beans and even ice cream flavors.

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Initiatives such as these helped the company to improve its operational efficiencies through reduced cost expenditures. Target Persona I was able to build a very rich persona from the information available including not only demographic and sociographic profiles, but also pyschographic, behavioural, and technographic.

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Customer Journey Starbucks have a very detailed customer journey map that they've created - the discipline here, therefore, is to represent that in a way which summarises the outputs, and informs the overall plan. So, with that in mind, here's Starbucks' One Page Marketing Plan: As I've constructed this marketing plan example using Starbucks, I've looked at the brand from a global perspective. Starbucks Corporation. Furthermore, during the same year, the company also signed an agreement with Arla Foods, a leading producer and distributor of quality milk products in Europe. Initiatives such as these helped the company to improve its operational efficiencies through reduced cost expenditures. The total recalls of company products included , grinders. In this respect it's both a specific and compelling statement that encapsulates Starbucks' core offering and differentiators. Simmons, John. How can you add more value? Although further expansion in this territory is a strategic goal for Starbucks, for the purposes of this illustration I haven't included it. As I'm using this as a case study, it's worth reviewing and outlining how and why I've entered the information in the template as I have, so you can thereby get a feel for how to build your own One Page Marketing Plans: Audience Starbucks themselves have a very clear understanding of their overall audience, but crucially, also a focussed view on who it is that they're specifically targeting. For example, southern California stores cater to a growing number of Hispanic customers. It's designed so that it can be easily shared, interpreted, and collaborated on with other stakeholders, partners and agencies. You'll also note that I added an image - the great thing about the One Page Marketing Plan is that you can add visual references as well - this is a terrific way to bring it to life, making it more engaging and consumable for your internal and external audiences.

It's beauty is in its simplicity whilst also providing a comprehensive picture of the complete plan. Also, if you're prepared to share your version of the One Page Marketing Plan then please do get in touch!

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Starbucks Business Plan