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Social networking is an act of connecting and sharing of various types of messages to people with the same interest via social media platforms Lewis, I50 respondents were randomly selected through survey. The challenges and opportunities of social media. The most common health problem identified was strain on eyes For this, the study suggests that educators of mass communication should introduce courses on social media in teaching mass communication as these social networks are being used in the aspect of news reporting, strategic communication and advertising Lewis, , news sharing Ma et al. Using online social networking for teaching and learning: Facebook use at the University of Cape Town. The focus group discussion was video recorded. They were asked to answer about the nonacademic usage of social media. Consent of the PU colleges and students was taken. McQuail, D. To meet the required sample size of in each arm, 15 PU colleges were visited, of which five were from the private sector and 10 from the Government sector.

A qualitative analysis on collaborative learning experience of student journalists using Wiki. Table 3: Which social network do you use among the following?

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Developing professional skills in journalism through blogs. Previous 4 International Conference on Languages ICL Kuala Lumpur studies provide cogent explanations about, what social networks students use or prefer using, why they use them, how they access them, and their benefits. The questions asked in the discussion include, why they use social media, its importance, and the gratifications they derived.

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Users of the world, unite! From the final model obtained in Table 2 , gender, Ringxiety, personal habits smoking, alcohol and tobacco chewing , junk food consumption, and selfitis were statistically significant and may be considered as independent risk factors for developing social media addiction. Understanding news sharing in social media: an explanation from the diffusion of innovations theory. They were asked to answer about the nonacademic usage of social media. Use of social media among students of nigerian polytechnic, April , Sage Publications Ltd. Table 8: If yes, how often do you report or share news on social media? This shows that majority of the respondents who use social media were not reporting or sharing news on it. Quantitative findings reveal that majority of the respondents It is hope that findings of this study will help students and educators of mass communication to find ways of integrating social networks as part of teaching and learning mass communication programme. It can assist the student to be more socialize in a learning aspect. Participants in the interview used social networks to make friends, chat, communicate, and improve their learning skills.

P 2: P2. For instance, Social Networking Sites such as MySpace, Facebook are used to share and update message, Microblogs such as Twitter is used for short messages, Wikis are mainly used for educational and informational purposes, Blogs are usually personal or collaborative online publishing diary, while Online Forums are interactive space where participants discuss issues which are posted on a discussion board.

The history of social Media and its impact on business.

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