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An essay usually takes the following structured format: The introduction The main body: a development of the issues A conclusion A list of references of the sources of information you have used The Introduction The function of the introduction is simply to introduce the subject, to explain how you understand the question, and describe briefly how you intend to deal with it. Rewrite, beginning with Unlike liquids, If you back up the point with specific evidence, your writing will have support. Mechanical Conventions The extent to which your writing is free of errors in usage and mechanics. If, despite study and good intentions, you cannot seem to get your essay written, or even started, you should let your tutor know as soon as possible. Effective sentences are careful to use the right conjunction to show whether you mean to add an idea and , contrast an idea but, or, yet , or show cause or comparison so, for, as. To walk, biking, and driving Walking, biking, and driving To walk, biking, and to drive To walk, to bike, and also driving 25 Sentence Skills Sample Questions 6. If you think the original sentence is best, choose the first answer. Services are also extended free of charge to students who are preparing to take UTEP entrance exams, such as Accuplacer.

Rewrite, beginning with She was often interviewed First, we quickly reviewed that nouns name people, places, things, and ideas using our Whole Brain Teaching gestures. If you back up the point with specific evidence, your writing will have support.

For example, you may be asked to write an essay about a famous person that you would like to spend the day with.

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If you organize and connect the specific evidence, your writing will have coherence. The next words will be it is easy to we can easily solid objects can easily be solid objects are easy to be 31 Excited children ran toward the loud music, and they told others about the ice cream truck outside. Instead, say: Although the horse looked gentle, it was hard to manage. One or two edits should be sufficient. His parents and friends tried to dissuade him from dating her; consequently, he was all the more determined not to break up. You should avoid jargon, especially jargon that is not directly connected to your subject area. Sitting by the lake, we fish every morning. The purpose?

You can always come back to enter the references later. There were also sentences that needed to be improved with the use of figurative language.

This site has interactive grammar quizzes. Following are some web sites to help you practice English Grammar: This web site offers links to various other sites, such as one that has interactive quizzes; one that has an interactive book of traditional grammar help; ones that offer online English exercises; and others that have tests and quizzes designed to strengthen English grammar from basic to advanced levels.

A paragraph is a group of sentences related to aspects of the same point. Sentence skills means simply avoiding distracting errors.

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Knocked sideways, the statue looked as if it would fall.

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Writing Effective Sentences in Your English Essay