Ritalin abuse on campus essay

The appeal greatens when guilt settles in. Children have daydreamed, been distracted, wiggled and have been routinely disruptive in classrooms. Some hate the idea of having their behaviour "controlled;" and some parents oppose the idea of "mind-altering" drugs for their kids Kidd, , p. Omitting the 4 p. Have our children become so bad that we are willing to risk their health so they calm down and do not embarrass us? According to the journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. A lot of children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and many of their parents have opted to give them behavioral drugs. According to Clark, the doctor was skeptical about ADHD among adults and suspected dependence or abuse. As mentioned before, these include effects as minor as stomach pains, sleep loss, loss or appetite and irritability. Most soon discovered a drug called Ritalin. Often problems at home make children act up as well. Another negative aspect of the drug is the abuse of it. Another issue relating to Ritalin is the possibilities of unknown long-term effects that have not yet been discovered. Like many of her classmates, Angela, a bleary-eyed junior, had already pulled a pair of all-nighters to get through a paper on "Finnegans Wake," a French test and an exam for her music humanities class.

Another negative aspect of the drug is the abuse of it. Ritalin and other drugs in the stimulant class, work by increasing the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin in the brain Hancock and Wingert, Other sever symptoms include increase in blood pressure, nausea, hypersensitivity, and temporary decrease in bone growth White and Rouge, The issue of Adderall abuse among college campuses is concerning due to the dangerous short and long term effects in which many of its users are unaware of.

Rather than take the time to play with their children, or institute a proper diet, it seems that increasing numbers of parents would rather treat their children's unexplained zest for life with pills and doctors.

adderall abuse in college students statistics

In cases like these the child is not in need of drugs, but needs counseling White and Rouge, School Law News, 28 20 The drugs use has dramatically increased since first appearing on the market in Ritalin is a powerful drug that doctors continue to investigate how, why and on what it works.

Ritalin, the most commonly prescribed stimulant for ADHD, peaks 1 to 2 hours after it's taken and effects last about 4 hours. For example, refills are not allowed on these medications. They were previously accepted, on the most part, as common childhood behavior that would be outgrown

Ritalin abuse on campus essay
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ADHD Prescription Abuse at Northeastern