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RashaadC. Do you believe that all disease and death happens for a reason? This is the object of our pursuit that we believers should have and it is right and proper for us pursue this.

Find answers in our popular TeenQs section. Pat Doughtie and his dying son, Tyler, became a major story in Nashville, Tennessee when Julie Buchanan was convicted of stealing money from the boy's cancer fund. It will cause you to examine yourself, to say the least.

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Retrieved April 9, Is there anything else she could have done or said? Conversely, there are elements left unexplained that leave the viewer craving context—such as the family's visit to "Give Kids the World.

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A fresh pair of scissors in the final stages of production might have really helped. Rich Deem, editor Letters to God is more than just a movie; it is a movement of hope. The production is high-quality with an outstanding cast and crew. The reason might not always be a rosy one, but if viewed with the correct attitude, we can begin to understand its deeper meaning and deal with it in a positive manner.

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