Political science senior thesis

Who evaluates the honors thesis? Seniors work closely with a small committee of faculty members on a well-defined research project throughout the academic year.

Political science dissertation format

The instructor of the Honors Seminar approves all adviser assignments and will assign advisers for students unable to identify an adviser independently. What is it? What does a typical honors thesis in the Department of Political Science look like? At the end of the fall term, the student must schedule a meeting of the committee to report on her or his progress and present at least one chapter of the thesis. All thesis writers in Political Science must enroll in seminar PS The honors adviser is there to help you navigate your academic life and achieve your goals at Penn State. If you have already made a connection with a faculty member who has agreed to advise your thesis—fantastic. Hypotheses are observable implications of your theory. Theses are due in late March. Plan ahead, so that you can meet the application deadline! There are two components of the application.

This is a questions that research asks at all levels. Edit as needed.

political science thesis statement examples

In the process of pursuing a topic, conducting independent research, formulating, articulating and crafting a sustained argument, students will build on what they have learned in coursework, gain insights into empirical social science scholarship and methodology, and develop their talents as writers and thinkers.

Submit your thesis and present your research at the Undergraduate Research Exhibition. It is also advised that you meet with the faculty member in person if possible.

In this section, you will define your theoretical concepts and specify your hypotheses. Hypotheses are observable implications of your theory. Deadlines for the Trewartha and the Mensink Grants are in late October.

Important to keep in mind! Honors students craft a research plan, analyze relevant research materials, and write a page senior thesis based on this research.

how to write a political science thesis

Are there specific classes I need to take to get honors in Political Science or International Politics? The additional faculty sponsor advises and guides the research on the student's specific thesis topic.

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Honors Thesis: Department of Political Science