Measuring the speed of sound moving tube essay

In this case, a plastic tube was used with - Clamp stand x1 water filled in a measuring cylinder serving as a closed - Clamp holder x1 boundary.

If the frequency used to create these peaks is HZ and the volume is low, what would the speed of sound in the tube be? When and where the pressure is at its highest, a significant jet of fuel is ejected from the hole.

speed of sound lab possible errors

Therefore if we take the average of the square root of the pressure difference we can see that, on average, at the anti-nodes the flow rate is less than it is that the nodes, resulting in the difference in flame height. The assumption made a differing area. Resonance The principle of superposition leads to a phenomenon known as resonance.

The frequency is the same as that of the source and is the number of waves that pass a point per unit time. Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 3pp. Attach a microphone and let the students directly alter the flame peak locations using their voice. This wave file produces a sound which goes from to Hz in 5 seconds and then back to Hz in 5 seconds.

measuring speed of sound using standing waves

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(PDF) Measuring the speed of sound in air using a tuning fork