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There were three such witnesses, all from the Boston church: deacon John Coggeshalllay leader Thomas Leverett, and minister John Cotton. Orthodox Puritans labeled Hutchinson a blasphemer and an antinomian, a person who believed that commands came only from God and that salvation freed an individual from the laws of church and stateā€¦.

Inshe moved with her family from Alford to London. Punishment by the church was meant to inspire repentance, and a genuine act of repentance could lead to the restoration of church membership.

She was the eldest daughter of Francis Marburya clergyman educated at Cambridge and Puritan reformer, and Bridget Dryden Her emphasis on grace over "works," while not inconsistent with Puritan theology, was interpreted as radical and divisive, partly because of her sharp criticisms of the colony's leadership and partly because women had subservient roles in the church and secular government in Puritan New England.

That the first thing we receive for our assurance is our election. Upon examining it, the Boston ministers declared the deformed baby a punishment from God, just as they did later when Hutchinson endured a similar delivery herself inand viewed Hutchinson guilty by association for her role in the birth.

Kerber and Jane DeHart Mathews, eds. Her husband died inand Hutchinson moved to Long Island Sound, which was held under Dutch jurisdiction, to flee the continued persecution from the Massachusetts colony. The leaders classified the women's misfortunes as the judgement of God.

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She returned the next morning to be aided by John Cotton's testimony about her beliefs, which differed from the report of the clergymen who had spoken for the court. While the Puritans believed that salvation was the result of God's grace, freely given to man, they also maintained that good works, or living the moral life, were important signs of that salvation and necessary preparation for the realization that one had received God's grace.

This did not deter him, as he continued to speak out and continued to be arrested. When the Anglican Church silenced him and he left for the colony of Massachusetts in America, Hutchinson became extremely distraught.

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Who Was Anne Hutchinson?