Legal implications of social media and

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Many small business owners do not budget for the cost of an attorney if something goes awry with their marketing campaign. The Advantages of Social Media The idea of file sharing ten years ago uncovered the power and impact of the Internet. But do the advantages of our electronic world impose any legal risks?

legal issues with social media marketing

Images Also relevant to the discussion of copyrights are images. This falls under criminal law, so it is typically up to the police and prosecutors to make a judgment.

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Sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn have proven to be particularly useful for businesses of all types: they are being used as marketing or recruiting tools, as facilitations to the sharing of information or simply for basic connection purposes. Assuming your social media agency understands legal.

The federal agency offered specific guidance on how to do that.

Legal implications of social media and

The benefits that the recent phenomenon of Social Media brings are inconceivable - for both personal usage and business purposes. Unfortunately, there are instances where employees who are managing social media profiles may inadvertently disclose information about intellectual property that should have remained private. This is another case where employee training is extremely important. Defamation More worrying for businesses is the second mentioned implication: liability in defamation. However, because posts, statuses or tweets on social media are small length messages, they often appear ambiguous. Assuming your social media agency understands legal. Your use must comply with the limits of that license. How you react is such situations is telling.
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Social media law: an essential guide