Kannada language

The Bhakti movement lasted till the 16th century. He mentions inland centres of pirates called Oloikhora Alavakheda.

greatness of kannada language

It may be said to have continued in use to the middle of the 13th century, when by degrees the language of the inscriptions and literary compositions begins to evince a tendency to become Modern Canarese or the popular and colloquial dialect of the present time.

He mentions Malippala Malpea coastal town of Karnataka. Dasa Sahithya, devotional songs of dasas slaves of the Lord sung in praise of God, were compiled, which formed an important part of popular literature.

These are some examples that are proof of the early usage of a few Kannada origin words in early Tamil inscriptions before the common era and in the early centuries of the common era. However she has advocated strongly against the religious rituals.

I was aware of the fact that there are no Prakrit words in Halmidi inscription.

speciality of kannada language
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