Investigatory project about lotions

How does humidity affect how well humectants keep skin moist? The four common parts are: the slips, which are located on the stem below the fruit, the suckers that start at the leaves, the crowns-the leafy growth on top of the pineapple, and the ratoons that are located on the roots.

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Again results show that T3 which uses 15mL of pineapple distillate was preferred by the panelists rather than T1 and T2 that used 5mL and 10mL respectively. Retrieved December 21, Researchers at the University of San Miguel have discovered a gel based on A.

Horticultural Science 2nd ed.

science fair project with skin moisturizers

The controlled variable used was the pineapple extract while the uncontrolled variables were olive oil, water, beeswax. Significance of the study This study is significant in terms of its direct benefit to the people who are having problem with the thinning of their hair which is common to old people.

Next, make a line graph of the data in this data table as you did in step 4. As well as thinning the blood, bromelain also thins mucus, and thus may be of benefit to asthmatics and people suffering from chronic bronchitis. Click here for up to date shelf life information and click here for more in depth discussion. What about the ingredients that you would prefer having or avoiding in a moisturizer? Did some types of skin moisturizer remain about the same height? Aloe Vera- A stemless plant with lanceolate leaves. Blender 2. Which of the formulations yield the best lotion in terms of: a. Least effective is determined when the moisturizing effect of the lotion is least evident and least effective to the skin. Your lotion should now have the consistency of skim milk. This gel is tasteless colorless and odorless. To the average Joe, Moringa is a simple way to manage many health problems. At the same time it can be consumed by small children and adults alike.
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Investigatory project for a lotion?