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S than any other country. The cooperation in this sector depends much on the manner in which both the Nations conduct their bilateral diplomacy. Many Indian freedom fighters who were greatly inspired by the Bolshevik Revolution established personal contacts with the Soviet leaders.

There is general interest among Russian people in Indian dance, music, yoga and ayurveda. Both the countries share similar views on fighting terrorism without double standards, a more representative multi-polar world order based on international law with UN playing a central role, and resolving threats to international peace and security.

The two countries collaborated to create the Brahmos Consortium that manufactures the missiles of the same name in India.

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Nehru turned in desperation to the United States to supply it with aircraft and other materiel. In a noteworthy development, Russia recently decided to supply Mi Hind attack helicopters to Pakistan. This disparity became another point of contention in Sino-Soviet relations.

India-Russia civil nuclear cooperation while long-standing has not been without its ups and downs, however, both the Nations decided to accelerate bilateral civil nuclear energy cooperation.

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The enduring relevance of India