How to write a reflective journal for visual arts

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My final poster displayed the contrast between tilting the word in the negative space of straight lines. I was unsure what was expected of me and what the standard of work would be. I really liked the idea of grouping things depending on there colour. I feel my final poster is extremely simple although communicates my thought very clearly.

Being hands on made me feel more connected to the work and made me consider the appearance more.

How to write a reflection

Around the outside of the letter we placed a thick border of hundreds and thousands sprinkles to add to the fallen ice cream metaphor. I have now began to consider the shapes and forms of the landscape and how they can be included in a graphic form. By now every student should be on their way with their journals. I felt once I was started on this project I began really getting into it. Background information related to the Expressive Forms- historical or cultural information as it relates to the period, group, country and region. After creating a huge collection of ideas, scamps and pages of research we began with sketching out styles, shoots, locations and magazine layouts. Materials should be suitably chosen, structured and integrated into the Reflective Journal. This project taught me never to forget less is always more. I needed to spend more time experimenting with paper stocks and type styles. I ensured the images at the front were the first things you see when entering the pier, and the images at the back being the last thing you see on the pier. When I began researching into the subject I 27 became quickly immersed with the stories due to being able to remember seeing the kind of people they spoke about. Together Harriet and I then worked on the typography and layout of each image to create a collection forming our campaign. When visiting a local dry cleaners I noticed the labels they tag on each of the clear protective clothing bags.

I wanted the format of my booklet to represent the idea of a journey so chose a zine layout. Overall, presentation should be well-organized demonstrating cohesion, continuity and completion.

Example of a Reflective Journal The Reflective Journal must include, but not limited to the following outline or sequence: 1. I started by exploring three different societies, this allowed me to brainstorm many crazy ideas however tacky some of they be.

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We were given two hours to produce a digital outcome to be posted on an Instagram feed to the hash tag nuaposneg. Ba1a opened my eyes to all the design around me especially typography. I found the creation process fun however dangerous! Both lights were displayed on dark backgrounds creating a high contrast between the positive and negative space. Exploring everything from stationary to advertising has taught me the basic fundamentals to many areas of graphic design. As they explore their journals through their selected themes there will be analysis,connecting of ideas, processes and theories. I found the pier the most interesting and exciting place in Great Yarmouth as it was busy, loud and energetic.

A word of caution. I then added to this by also photocopying visually dynamic materials such as hair and latex.

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I began looking at both playful, humorous ideas as well are communicating a serious message effectively. Not only will an experience improve the final outcome it will also improve your relationship with the piece. The aim of the workshop to help you consider objects and forms differently and to take a different perspective.

How to write an art reflection paper

Our brief consider what was around us. The words we were given included: cure, contagion, danger, religion, emotion, object and collaboration to name a few. I was clueless as to what data would interest me or create a strong design style. The students own experience in the use of particular materials and process. Together Harriet and I then worked on the typography and layout of each image to create a collection forming our campaign. I intent to design a box or label to accompany my bottle to communicate the message through a design but have yet to work on this. For my response I went out looking at the idea of light and dark. I spent a few days brainstorming ideas until I could come up with a solid concept that worked for all four pieces of stationary. Guntons being a very interesting building architecturally on a sunny day the shadows were creating interesting shapes. After looking at a variety of artists and designers such as Richard Long, Anish Kapoor, Banksy, Horst, Bill Cunningham and Matisse to name a few we were shown the extent we could go to with this task. Capturing everything interesting above and below around Norwich.

The assignment was designed to generate visual ideas and begin to use lateral thinking, rather than literal thinking.

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