Handwriting activities for preschool

handwriting activities for preschool

I love this skunk tweezer we found at a local education store. Practice Name Writing in 12 Fun Ways for Preschoolers Making name writing practice a hands-on experience can be so much more meaningful. When you see your students holding their pencils and crayons in a fist grasp it indicates that they are lacking fine motor skills.

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In the example above, the teacher made the letters into roads and the students drove their car magnets along them. Lastly teach intersecting lines upright cross, diagonal cross.

Pencil Grasp The way a child holds a pencil is called a pencil grasp.

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Mix food coloring and water and use eyedroppers to decorate flattened coffee filters. When using a tripod grasp the child should move his fingers with the writing utensil and not use his entire arm.

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Handwriting Worksheets and Printable Activities Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary