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Ingovernment expenditure went up Theoretical Economics Letters, 8, As we can see, the public sector purchases from the private sector are significant in many high-income countries.

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Global Journal of Management and Business Studies, 3, Although during the first three decades of the planning period, the relative importance of non-development expenditure had declined, the absolute amount of expenditure under non-development heads had increased. Because of fiscal consolidation program, the fiscal deficit-GDP ratio declined in the initial period of s, but again started to rise steeply in the year in case of state governments and in the later part of s in case of central governments.

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An increase in any of these pushes up GDP. In our entry on Taxation we discuss the drivers of tax revenues in detail. Government expenditures as a share of national output went sharply up and down in these countries, mainly because of changes in defense spending and national incomes. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 43, Government spending is an important instrument to reduce inequality The following visualization shows the reduction of inequality that different OECD countries achieve through taxes and transfers. You can help correct errors and omissions. Journal of Monetary Economics, 24, Since the trend of declining public expenditure-GDP ratio has been reversed and, as a result, in public expenditure-GDP ratio was once again as high as The data shows that across the 35 countries covered, taxes and transfers lower income inequality by around one-third on average equivalent to around 0. Description of available measures: Public Expenditure total and by sectors as percent of GDP Time span: Geographical coverage: Selection of high-income countries Mauro et al. Thus, while there was a rise in the share of public expenditures and development expenditures in the GDP until the mid-eighties, the trend had reversed significantly in the nineties and continued in s. Click to open interactive version How do OECD countries typically distribute their allocations to social spending? Public spending in the 20th century: A global perspective.

Over the years it rose considerably. There was a steady decline in the revenue deficit-GDP of the general government as a result of reduction in the government expenditure towards development and welfare activities.

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The estimates correspond to the percentage point reduction in inequality, as measured by changes in the Gini coefficients of income, before and after taxes and transfers.

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Public Expenditure and Growth: The Indian Case