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This is specifically attributed to Aaron's professional experience and we are grateful to his contribution in securing the highest grant award in our organization's 20 year history.

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If we find we need more time to complete a project because of unforeseen delays or challenges, we request an approval for more time.

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Without his help, we could not have gotten it done! Flat Rates An alternative to charging by the hour is to charge a flat rate also called a per proposal rate or a per project rate.

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RFPs are not standardized well enough for such an approach, every proposal is unique and every funding source has idiosyncrasies. Standard Pay Rates According to "Entrepreneur" magazine's "Grant-Writing Business: Entrepreneur's Step-by-Step Startup Guide," grant writers who work on a contract basis typically earn between 1 and 5 percent of the amount awarded in the grant.

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Thank you Aaron! I can't believe how smoothly the process went once Aaron joined our team, and can't wait to work with Aaron again on a future project. Pricing may also vary based on the complexity of the grant application. Good grant writing is an art form requiring knowledge of the funding source, innovative and creative program models, exhaustive follow-up and a high degree of general business savvy. Your approach for pricing - giving a range as a flat-rate by funding source - is tenuous, at best. Then provide a written proposal that synthesizes all of that information into one document for the client to approve. How do you present your experience to potential clients? Your First Freelance Assignment Getting started in grant writing as a profession takes careful preparation. Grant writing costs vary depending on the requirements of each Request For Proposals. Recommendations The most important factor in getting a grant-writing job will be a recommendation.

I maintain communication with my clients throughout the proposal writing process in order to reduce confusion and increase likelihood of receiving money.

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