Eureka poes essay on universe

Let us examine, then, the actual condition of the atoms.

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Clearly, there is no mere difficulty in the case. Nevertheless, as an individual, I may be permitted to say that I cannot conceive Infinity, and am convinced that no human being can. For my part, I am not sure that I speak and see -- I am not so sure that my heart beats and that my soul lives: -- of the rising of to-morrow's sun -- a probability that as yet lies in the Future -- I do not pretend to be one thousandth part as sure -- as I am of the irretrievably by-gone Fact that All Things and All Thoughts of Things, with all their ineffable Multiplicity of Relation, sprang at once into being from the primordial and irrelative One. I mean to say that some are involved in the rest, or so instantaneous a consequence of them as to make the distinction inappreciable. And beyond scientific import, Poe composes a unified cosmic theory based on his spiritual insight. Its modus operandi has never, to my knowledge, been approached in the way of an effort at explanation. Here, indeed, it is clear that he must have adventured in search of the treasure: -- that he did not find it after all, was, perhaps, because his fairy guide, Imagination, was not sufficiently well-grown, or well-educated, to direct him aright.

Although at least two other theories have been posited which could explain the phenomenon at our galaxy's center, the black hole theory best represents the forces requisite for the quantity of anti-matter being produced. One listener rhapsodized that the lecture constituted "'a nobler effort than any other Mr.

Poe describes an epoch in the Night of Time, when a still-existent Being existed--one of an absolutely infinite number of similar Beings that People the absolutely infinite domains of the absolutely infinite space.

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Believing that all was lost, the fisherman transcended the terror which surrounded him. What he became in Eureka is more singular: a fiction writer possessed by the thought that the known and unknown universe could be pounded, by sheer force of inspiration, into the shape of a book.

But he emerged from the maelstrom an old man. The one movement to which all existence corresponds, as we experience it, is expansion and contraction expulsion and impulsion. Difference is their character -- their essentiality -- just as no-difference was the essentiality of their course.

But "hypothesis" cannot be wielded here to any good purpose, even by those who succeed in lifting it -- little men or great.

Eureka poes essay on universe

Either Newton or Laplace, seeking a principle and discovering none physical, would have rested contentedly in the conclusion that there was absolutely none; but it is almost impossible to fancy, of Leibnitz, that, having exhausted in his search the physical dominions, he would not have stepped at once, boldly and hopefully, amid his old familiar haunts in the kingdom of Metaphysics. Poe's work is very uneven, sometimes reaching great literary heights, at other times striking the honest reader as meaningless, pathetic, or simply wrong-headed. If the star's orbit about the binary's center of gravity brought it sufficiently close, the black hole would be thus enabled to steal matter away. I have done a deed which shakes the Moon in her path, which causes the Sun to be no longer the Sun, and which alters forever the destiny of the multitudinous myriads of stars that roll and glow in the majestic presence of their Creator. I do not know a treatise in which a survey of the Universe -- using the word in its most comprehensive and only legitimate acceptation -- is taken at all: -- and it may be as well here to mention that by the term "Universe," wherever employed without qualification in this essay, I mean to designate the utmost conceivable expanse of space, with all things, spiritual and material, that can he imagined to exist within the compass of that expanse. It has been considered prophetically scientific, intuitively romantic , and even calculatingly ironic. This, it will be said, is nonsense; and perhaps it is: -- indeed I think it very capital nonsense -- but forego all claim to it as nonsense of mine. You suppose me to be a very old man--but I am not.
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Eureka: A Prose Poem