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When it comes to the subject of music I do not, or try not, to listen to music nor watch music videos that insinuates secular or sexual content. Netflix and Chill? For every show or film with a strong heroine who saves the day, there are at least five others who show women as either a sexualized object or as a supportive non-entity such as the girlfriend who helps the hero achieve his goal.

This was powerful tool used to manipulate symbols in main stream society to project a greater meaning to the audience. This way I can help my reader understand, the power of Pop Art. However, it helps us to make everyday life brighter.

They were getting inspiration from consumer goods and mass media. Michael Jackson and Madonna asserted themselves as the king and queen of pop music.

In terms of the style of pop art, the colors were very vibrant and loud in order to capture the attention of the audience.

Popular culture is the way that is most popular and implemented by mass audiences and gives insight into the ways and behaviors of contemporary society Lynch, Why does everyone look up to her as a big influence.

These are the most notable ones and are also what makes up most of their fan base for pop culture. American culture is exported all over the world, with American celebrities being recognized far and wide.

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I will also look at how the relationship between these two terms has become distorted and blurred over time. What happened in our past that brought society to this point.

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