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The time has come when the discoveries of science will be put into practical shape and the students will be taught to put into practice their knowledge. Increasingly, vocational education can be recognised in terms of recognition of prior learning and partial academic credit towards tertiary education e.

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The plethora of opportunities available in diverse fields today mean that exams are not the end of the world. D degree or goes to professional track diploma 1, 2, 3, 4, specialist, and super specialist or they directly go to work for some reasons not pursuing to higher education. Vocational course is the best option for those who cannot manage the expenses for college degree. Students in India are encouraged to score well and seek admission in a good college whether it imparts vocational training or not. It also increases the job satisfaction and results in high productivity. Unfortunately the overall performance in this regard is much below the target. In addition, many employers and labor unions are closely affiliated with vocational schools, and give preference to job applicants who have completed such programs. Amid the negotiation the firm was examining on the time schedule, charges, and expenses. The students who develop practical skills for particular field are more confident and perform better in interviews as well as jobs than the students with general academic background. Employability of the graduates in India has become a major concern. This hands-on training can be helpful in high school as students make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Vocation or technical training education not only provides high school students with the ability to develop skills at present, but can also prepare them for the workforce and increase the opportunity to access jobs later.

Taking young adults off the streets and giving them a chance to get their place in life by offering them vocational studies can be resultant in decreased crime rates, as Silberman suggestspp.

In industrial and technical schools, the basic skills in the use of different machines and the processes of maintaining, working and repairing them are taught. Students are given hands on training and experience in their specific subject, by skilled instructors.

Most vocational education recognizes the importance of general academic studies as well as career preparation, and offer fully accredited high school diplomas.

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The students with vocational training are preferred as they possess right skills, education and knowledge for the job. Vocational education has immensely diversified over the period of time. This type of analysis looks at which employees in the organization need training Lee, It discourages the application of the hands and the muscles. High school technical education provides work experience to all students, including those who had none previous to the attendance in vocational education situations. In order to meet the job demand and expectations students should be motivated to take up vocational education. In conclusion, vocational education offers training for specific jobs. This can be contrasted with declarative knowledge, as used in education in a usually broader scientific field, which might concentrate on theory and abstract conceptual knowledge, characteristic of tertiary education. Furthermore, Teachers are primarily hired for their technical knowledge and not on their teaching skills. Autism Overview. Our country needs properly educated and trained engineers, mining experts, scientists, and technicians for quick development and scientific progress. Contrary to what people might think, our education deserved some major changes in the ways technical education was being taught. They fall to the lot of the lucky ones only.

Vocationalization can start right from school level. There is greater need of skilled manpower that can meet the job expectations. It is usually provided either at the high school level or in a two year colleges. Institutions producing skilled and semi skilled workers and supervisors, affiliated to NCVT are also woefully few in number.

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Vocational-education programs can provide a positive learning environment in which students have first-hand knowledge of managing their time, finances and other aspects of their lives.

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