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Effects of Flood: Floods cause large scale destruction to life and property. Bad drainage systems.

Conclusion: Governments around the world can reduce the risk of flooding by building a solid drainage system. If the dams get broken sometimes, it is likely to lead to flood. Heavy rains: owing to climate changes, many a times, it so happen that it rains torrentially. Dam Breaking: Dams are constructed to be able to hold the water that is flowing downwards from an area of land that is higher. While some of them are ways by which we can prevent the implication and aftermath of flood, a few of them would help in preventing its occurrence as well. Consequences of Flood: Floods mostly disrupt the normalcy of living things on the planet. However, flooding can spread nutrients to lakes and rivers, which can lead to increase in plants, animals and improved fisheries for a few years. Still, there are certain recommendations that you might find useful when writing your own floods essay. Breakage of water body boundaries like riverbanks or walls of dams. This leads to shortages of food for both humans and animals. The bottom line remains the fact that we should all try and minimize the negative impact we are having on the environment. Although the causes of floods are varied, most of the causes can be managed if not prevented. You have bottled water come every customeyes research into flood. In the case of inland flooding, the area witnessing a rainfall get flooded with the roads and lanes all filled with water. On the whole, floods cause multiple hardships and turn the livelihood of affected people upside-down.

The service of the armed forces are to be fully utilized to help end protect the person and property. In other words, whatever the cause may be, it is equally dangerous.

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The government must ensure there is a quality building of dams to prevent floods. The sudden rise of the temperature causes the snow to melt and this leads to the massive movement of a lot of water to the plains and lands around. Rivers overflow due to heavy rains that increase water levels in rivers beyond its capacity therefore resulting in floods. One common natural disaster is flooding, which occurs when a river bursts its banks and the water spills out onto the floodplain. By choosing to cut the level of air and water pollution and minimizing the use of non bio-degradable products, we may be able to directly or indirectly help in controlling the problem of flood and its aftermath. During heavy rains the lack of vegetation on the surface of the earth. It is for own good and for the benefit of future generations that we all do our bit to protect the life on earth from the backlash of nature. In fact, some regions are sure to be flooded with the onset of monsoon season. See also. The amount of flood is different from place to place and the extent of destruction also varies. Of course, there can be a lot of other reasons too which leads to flood and it is important to keep an eye on the water levels to issue a warning well in time. Water may look so harmless and peaceful until the large quantities termed Floods harms us. The military was brought in to evacuate around , people from rocky parts of the state, where they had turned out to be caught by the avalanches.

Floods can occur when the snow melts as temperature changes and it can result in bulk movement of water in the plains.

Flood can also be a result of high intensity rainfall in a short period of time.

English essays on floods

Often we find the Brahmaputra upsetting the normal life in Assam by its floods. In all mankind by missjessiesblog. The sudden rise of the temperature causes the snow to melt and this leads to the massive movement of a lot of water to the plains and lands around.

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For instance, in case of writing about city floods, you can suggest to improve the existing drainage system.

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