Effects of teachers behavior and expectations

teacher expectations and student motivation

We all need safety nets and positive affirmation. Teacher perception of ethnic and linguistic minority parental involvement and its relationships to children's language and literacy learning: A case study.

These plans are communicated in writing to parents and students, explained orally and posted in classrooms permanently. American Educational Research Journal, 5, — Social perception, social stereotypes, and teacher expectations: Accuracy and the quest for the powerful self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some teachers pay more attention to high-expectancy students, and some teachers engage in "compensatory" behaviors, focusing more on low-expectancy students see Babad, A possible three-minute activity could be a three-minute taped song; a minute activity, a minute taped reading.

Teacher expectations examples

We all need safety nets and positive affirmation. Journal of Educational Research, 86, — Given computer-assisted management of grading, daily record keeping and communication, it is possible to personally communicate with students and parents at least weekly. Google Scholar Stinnett, T. For example, students who are given more opportunities to learn, more clues, and who are called on more frequently should learn more than students who are given fewer such opportunities. Even behaviors designed to provide extra support for low-expectancy students, however, can undermine learning. The student as worker — implement instructional activities that actively engage students.

E-mail and real-time online communication methods have opened new avenues for students and parents seeking help and asking questions. Grades must also communicate what quality work looks like.

Students, like all people, tend to do what is expected of them — especially if they are not let off the hook. This theme is balanced with the clear message that the teacher is willing to assist each student to master challenging assignments and to develop more productive learning habits.

This strategy describes how students and parents are active partners in the responsibility for producing quality work.

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Effective teachers revisit the plans several times during the year to evaluate with students how the plans are working and make any adjustments necessary for teachers and students to be more productive and focused.

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Teacher Expectations And Learning