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Effectively, Ducati has enjoyed a strong hold on its supplier base which in turn has made them the most-efficient manufacturer in the industry and this strategy will continue to provide them the flexibility and edge in design and sourcing of new components going forward.

We also recommend offering customization services to suit the style and needs of our individual customers.

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Moto which produces line of accessories for Ducati. On the other hand, suppliers have very high bargaining power with potential entrants to the market due to the cost of switching. The Crisis The Beginning The crisis involved. Cookey pointed out that new entrants would face restrictions as a result of the dealers who are already locked with their contacts and the companies that they deal with such as Harley Davidson. In the short term, the company can continue to do parallel testing and make incremental changes to the design rather than making big changes. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Ducati was able to reduce the time to market effort for all its new products utilizing their research centers muscle. This change would allow them to more easily make greater strides in performance with less effort and effect on other systems — all of which could translate to higher off track sales. This boost had attracted Texas Pacific Group to pursue controlling interest in the company for higher expected future return. Discovery: Question 1: What is the organization trying to achieve?

The buyers of cruisers are thereby most likely influenced by the brand strength as compared to other product attributes. He was also to help in the establishment of Ducati as an important brand in the contention of the sports market segment.

When sales started to decline during ….

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Most of them may feel the need to use cars as substitutes for the motorcycles so as to meet the need of their ever expanding families. The two played well together because Ducati realized increased off track sales as they continued to win on track.

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In the fierce competition with the domination by Japanese companies with high technology, it is difficult to survive or even recover from bankruptcy. The innovativeness of suppliers provides Ducati with a superb knowledge pool. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Question 4: What at this point is the current dilemma? The retail chain and distribution channels available in Europe and the US are perhaps more familiar with Harley-Davidson dominating the cruiser segment, and the Japanese players competing in both the cruiser and the sports segment in Europe. Question 4: What options do they have to improve the performance in both the short and long term given their capabilities? Executive Summary As of year , global motorcycle market is dominated by a handful of players. Threats of substitutes A review of the cruiser market indicates that most of the customers are old and wealthier. Leaving enough time to analyze the data from the current and previous racing seasons will help Ducati to use the information to the best of their ability. These manufacturers compete in different market segments and select demographics based on different attributes and styles of motorcycles across the product offerings. It then identifies the 5 core attributes that Ducati signifies — technologically advanced engine, tubular trestle frame, Italian style and its unique engine sound. These major players are fierce competitors and are vying for market share based on the brand, style, attributes, service, and price especially Japanese companies. The technical excellence and performance that Ducati is so well-known for around the world could well be seen to become diluted by moving into a cruiser bike segment which historically has been associated with a different demographic segment altogether.

Ducati was able to sell about 3, units of its sports touring after launch, so we think that we should be able to meet this forecast of 3, for the new sports-cruiser hybrid. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

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Ducati was able to reduce the time to market effort for all its new products utilizing their research centers muscle. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these options?

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Ducati Case Analysis Essay Example