Driving cell phones research paper

In addition, non-cell phone zone would be another reasonable, possible remedy to address the cell phone-related safety issues. Several rage are authentic addictions [30—36]. All of the teens in our survey were asked about their experiences as passengers, and if they were 16 or older and have a cell phone, they were also asked about their own actions behind the wheel.

Previous research in the U. More effective countermeasures are needed but are not known at this time.

cell phone use while driving articles

The drivers who have taken a driving class do not exhibit expected right perception of the impact of cell phone use on their driving safety as well as PRT. Besides the legislative efforts, insurance companies could play a vital role to alleviate the increasing impairing effects of cell phone use on driving safety.

Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley; Using naturalistic data, Tivesten and Dozza [ 41 ] confirmed that drivers change their glance behaviour while distracted depending on where they are driving.

Driving cell phones research paper

Thus a mobile conversation can demand even more attention, at the worst possible time. Inclinations are af- where one accorded to completely disagree and five to fected by the attitudes positive or negative assessments completely agree.

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Teens and Distracted Driving: Major Findings