Definition of terms in research paper

Causality -- the relation between cause and effect.

Definition of terms in research example pdf

Credibility -- a researcher's ability to demonstrate that the object of a study is accurately identified and described based on the way in which the study was conducted. The population is the entire set under consideration. Context Sensitivity -- awareness by a qualitative researcher of factors such as values and beliefs that influence cultural behaviors. Constructivism -- the idea that reality is socially constructed. Modeling -- the creation of a physical or computer analogy to understand a particular phenomenon. Our goal is to assist you with all sort of essay writing and research aspects for free. Colorado College; Glossary of Key Terms. It is also the extent to which the designers of a study have taken into account alternative explanations for any causal relationships they explore. A variable that is not impacted by the dependent variable, and that itself impacts the dependent variable. Writing CSU. Mixed-Methods -- a research approach that uses two or more methods from both the quantitative and qualitative research categories. It is recommended to use one paragraph for each term that you define. Subcultures -- ethnic, regional, economic, or social groups exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish them from the larger society to which they belong. Random sampling can be accomplished by first numbering the population, then selecting the sample according to a table of random numbers or using a random-number computer generator.

Representative Sample -- sample in which the participants closely match the characteristics of the population, and thus, all segments of the population are represented in the sample. Deviation -- the distance between the mean and a particular data point in a given distribution.

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Otherwise to find samples of definition of terms, you can consider doing the following: Use several different research samples that your professor can provide you. Validity -- the degree to which a study accurately reflects or assesses the specific concept that the researcher is attempting to measure.

Measurement -- process of obtaining a numerical description of the extent to which persons, organizations, or things possess specified characteristics.

Definition of terms in research paper

Most researchers agree that a significance value of. You should cite as you write. Constructivism -- the idea that reality is socially constructed. Which aspects of a political party and what interactions among those aspects adequately explain the party's success in local elections? This is a place where you define those terms of a technical nature to the research, a term that you would not want your audience to misinterpret. That is, statistical tests show whether the differences between the outcomes of the control and experimental groups are great enough to be statistically significant. From these samples, pick out the ones that contain a definition of terms.

Causal Hypothesis -- a statement hypothesizing that the independent variable affects the dependent variable in some way. Triangulation -- a multi-method or pluralistic approach, using different methods in order to focus on the research topic from different viewpoints and to produce a multi-faceted set of data.

definition of terms in thesis pdf

In the earlier example of "gender" and "academic major," see Dependent Variable gender is the independent variable.

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