Congested heart failure case study essay

On physical assessment, the client displayed signs of anxiety through silent pauses and different facial expressions.

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The following are risk factors for congestive heart failure; they may make it more likely: Diabetes - especially diabetes type 2. Eventually the heart may weaken, leading to heart failure. The inspiratory and expiratory ratio is 2 is to 1.

It is also consider one of the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. In addition, incomplete closure of the aortic valve also results in increased preload as the left ventricle is forced to pump the entire diastolic volume received from the left atrium and the regurgitant volume from the aorta.

She does not have difficulty breathing or use accessory muscles. Pertinent nursing health history problems were clusted per functional health pattern. It will also show whether there is fluid in the lungs.

A dye is injected through the catheter into the arteries. There is pinkish mucosa and no lesions were present. Patients with cardiac disease without limitations of physical activity.

Coronary heart disease case study examples

Community-acquired pneumonia was considered because of the presenting symptoms of the client similar to pneumonia. Complications of heart failure are varied. Currently, they feel worried about their mother's condition and contributes to any way they can to alleviate her condition. The usual problem of the family involves the drinking habit of the client's husband and financial problems. Their children always contributes to the medical expenses of the client. In the elimination pattern, the client moves her bowels everyday. Teach Mr. Transplants are only considered if the patient is healthy other than the problem with their heart. She claims that she misses doing her work but is resigned to resting and staying at home because she understands that it is for her own benefit. During the period of hospitalization of the client, B. The client knows no one in the family with mental illness or history of diabetes mellitus. It often occurs if the heart is weak or enlarged.

However, there is muscle weakness on knees. She was not taken to a physician until 3 days prior to admission when her chest pain worsened and radiated to the back and she experienced shortness of breath. According to the American Heart Associationapproximately 5 million patients have heart failure and nearlynew patients are diagnosed each year.

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Clinical case studies in heart failure management