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Power of Attorney To fulfill the legal and complex documentation formalities of incorporation of a company, the promoter may then employ an attorney who will have the authority to act on behalf of the company and its promoters.


If you follow these tips, you will spend less time on legal problems and more time on what you do best--running your business. This area is separate from corporate law although it must work in conjunction with legal regulations to keep your business in compliance.

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Routine training for managers on common issues that arise in the workplace can do a lot to prevent litigation. They are also in a state of constant evolution, which makes it nearly impossible for a small business owner to remain in compliance without legal assistance. Stay with us--this isn't as hard as it sounds. This prevents pitfalls and ensures a timely response should legal problems arise. It can be difficult, but try to look six to nine months ahead and identify legal issues you will need to address for your business. Zoning laws that govern the use of business property. If you are starting your business with co-founders, get written confirmation between yourself and your partners--everyone should know their role and ownership in the company. Federal Corporate Law Certain industries, including but not limited to public transportation and telecommunications, are subject to federal laws, licensing, and regulations. Managing two banks accounts might seem overwhelming and inconvenient at times, but using your personal account for business impacts your legal liability. Have well written policies. Environmental laws. Steps to take include: Creating articles of association for your corporation that reflect company needs and industry best practices while adhering to federal guidelines. Some of the areas in which he or she can offer expertise include: Choosing the right entity type for your company. Protecting intellectual property IP.

This should not be something you "get around to later"--it should be one of the first steps taken when opening your doors. Lawyers on UpCounsel come from law schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law and average 14 years of legal experience, including work with or on behalf of companies like Google, Menlo Ventures, and Airbnb.

Three popular options are: the LLC great for small businesses that want legal protection, but minimal formalityS Corporation great for small businesses that can qualifyor C Corporation for companies who plan to seek funding from a VC or go public.

More from Inc. Using a name instantly gives you common law rights as an owner, even without formal registration.

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And one other word of advice, Delaware and Nevada are two popular states for business incorporation. With each new year, budding entrepreneurs look to turn their vision into a business. The articles have to be individually signed by each subscriber or their representative in the presence of a witness, otherwise, it will not be valid. The employer cannot use withholding or deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure. Corporate Governance Corporate governance describes the operational policies and procedures established by a business. While adrenaline and excitement may be pushing you to launch your business as soon as you can, you need to take time to contemplate legal necessities from the get-go. While employers cannot withhold wages as a form of discipline, employers may still write up employees who violate company policies. Federal Corporate Law Certain industries, including but not limited to public transportation and telecommunications, are subject to federal laws, licensing, and regulations.

Employment and hiring laws that protect current and potential employees, make it illegal to discriminate based on sex, religion, and race, and regulate employee safety and health. Don't use your personal bank account.

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8 Legal Steps for Starting Your Business