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As with article, book, and web references, datasets should be cited at the relevant place in the manuscript. In a citation database you get information about who has cited an article and how many times an author has been cited.

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How quickly do data reuse citations accrue? Authors published most papers using their own datasets within two years of their first publication on the dataset, whereas data reuse papers published by third-party investigators continued to accumulate for at least six years.

Publicly sharing detailed research data — sample attributes, clinical factors, patient outcomes, DNA sequences, raw mRNA microarray measurements — with other researchers allows these valuable resources to contribute far beyond their original analysis.

The number of citations is also dependent on how long a time span for citations is covered by the database, and how often the citation information is up-dated in the database. Citation counts favour mainstream research and established paradigms, while research that challenges prevailing thought is not necessarily noticed straight away.

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The Scopus website limited length of a query and the number of citations that could be exported at once. Citation reference databases each employ different data collection strategies, and this has effects both on what publications the databases contain and on the number of citations received by the publications. Asafu-Adjaye, Prince. Evidence: In scholarly literature, whenever and wherever a claim relies upon data, the corresponding data should be cited. Thus, evaluations often require the use of several indicators, and citation information from different databases. Elsevier was involved in drafting these principles and, along with many other publishers, data repositories and research institutions, endorsed them as an industry standard. Ask your librarian for help! We explore how data reuse patterns change over both the lifespan of a data repository and the lifespan of a dataset, as well as examine the distribution of reuse across datasets in a repository. We conclude there is a direct effect of third-party data reuse that persists for years beyond the time when researchers have published most of the papers reusing their own data. The level of third-party data use was high: for datasets deposited in year 0, we estimated that 40 papers in PubMed reused a dataset by year 2, by year 4, and more than data reuse papers had been published by year 5. As with article, book, and web references, datasets should be cited at the relevant place in the manuscript. Thus, the resulting estimates isolate the association between data availability and citation rate with more accuracy. Scopus Scopus is owned and produced by Elsevier. Do the additional citations arise due to data reuse — as we might expect — or simply from increased exposure or trust in the original study? Attribution to the original contributor upon reuse of published data is important both as a reward for data creators and to document the provenance of research findings.

We explored a subset of the attributes from Piwowar a previously shown or suspected to correlate with citation rate.

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