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As a result PCC has been gaining popularity in the country due to its cost effectiveness, low environmental impact, and versatility in various applications. Hence, when dreaming about a futuristic world with tall skyscrapers, massive bridges and other concrete structures, we need to keep in mind that unless and until there is a great discovery of a substitute, without cement it will be impossible to see that future in reality.

The cement industry in Bangladesh has been showing double digital growth over the last 5 years.

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Though a large portion of the power requirement is met through national grid, increasingly large companies are opting for captive power plants to reduce costs and to have continuous power supply. About million tonnes of clinker is imported annually from abroad. Global Perspective In a recent research conducted by International Cement review, global demand for cement had doubled within the decade between and , from 1. During the peak season the companies carry out multiple promotional activities, which includes giving incentives to the agents and employed executives if targets are met. All together, these factors are contributing to operational inefficiencies despite measure taken by producers to reduce costs, such as strategically locating facilities to reduce high transportations costs. An increasing number of migrants traveling from rural areas to the big cities for opportunities of better education, jobs, and wages, increasing urbanization in the country is also fueling greater growth in the industry. Cook, P. Among the global producers, China and India are by far the largest in the world. For dry processes, current state-of-the-art technologies are kiln systems with multistage cyclone preheaters and precalciners. In Bangladesh, there are around 55 cement-manufacturing companies, most of which are in operations either on a large or small scale. The finished product is also analyzed and tested to ensure that it complies with all specifications. Cement sector of Bangladesh. There are a number of cost elements which are taken into consideration for price fixations of cement bags. There are mainly 27 types of cement, which can be grouped into 5 general categories and 3 strength classes: ordinary, high and very high. Abdul Khaleq Parvez, Vice President of the Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association, commenting on the export situation said: The export market is growing slowly as the prices of local cement increased sharply following devaluation of the local currency.

Thus, expecting a growth in demand for cement is considered logical. Bangladesh is one of the fastest developing countries and is thus expected to have major infrastructure, housing and services development in the coming years.

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Merger of this scale would obviously raise regulatory concerns as the industry is already highly competitive, with regular races to the bottom in terms of price. Costs of production are further exacerbated due to government policy of allowing less truck loads to reduce pressure on roads.

Market insiders expect the industry to grow by 20 to 25 percent over the next few years Cement Association Outside China demand increased by 3.

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Cement Industry Overview in Bangladesh