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Public policy goals related to an aging society must balance the need to provide adequate services and transfers with an interest in maintaining the economic and social well-being of the nonelderly.

In the past many of the older generations were not as concerned about their health and many illnesses and diseases often went undetected.

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This relationship is common on a larger scale as well; older generations view the younger generations as annoying, dumb, and immature. Consumers' Purchasing Decisions the price and quality of a product and service, according to Christensen have traditionally contributed to consumer's purchasing decision. This rich mix of generations in the workforce can be attributed primarily to labor shortages experienced in many industries and the rising average age of retirement. What type of economic burden might be considered overwhelming? Medicare cost for those 65 and older may cause the national debt to dramatically increase. These challenges are significant but different from macro cost issues. Many concerns arise from this growing demographic, how is this influx of people going to affect the cost of health care as well as the ability of the system to handle this increasing demographic? Baby Boomers 2. They did not visit the doctor as much. With them, a futile attempt to convince non-believers that the Millennials are not, and far from the worst generation to exist. The opinions and conclusions are the authors and are not meant to reflect those of the sponsoring institutions. With this group entering their 50's and 60's, most of them have been duel income households or are on the verge of retirement. March 26, Baby Boomers After World War two there was a boom in the birth rate in the United States, this part of the population became known as the baby boomers. At 76 million strong, boomers have the influence to rule the marketplace and make sure they keep a place set just for them as the largest generation. References: Giganle, S.

The baby boomers also have disposable income to spend making them prime targets for marketers. Consumer products are the company's most recognizable segment, including popular brands like Tylenol, Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo and Band-Aid.

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This relationship is common on a larger scale as well; older generations view the younger generations as annoying, dumb, and immature. Next is the Baby Boomers generation. The baby boomer generation is the group of people born between and To begin, a distinction between the traditional attitudes of the Baby Boomers towards household chores and progressive attitudes of the Millennials must be defined.

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The Problem: Caring for Aging Baby Boomers