As i lay dying addie bundren essay

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Her anger at her students probably has a lot to do with the hollowness she feels as a single woman. Thus the novel shows the family perishing as a result of a negative philosophy that infects or destroys the whole family as either a meaningful unit or as individuals capable of arriving at some understanding of life.

As i lay dying addie bundren essay

Of course, Darl has always been considered queer by the other people in the novel, but this is because he is superior, and in being superior he is different, and therefore, in their minds, queer. Nevertheless there is a vibe given off in this Faulkner Novel that make it a timeless classic. Anse explains, "The lord put roads for travelling; why he laid them down flat on the Earth But she had failed to make her presence felt by other people. When you do something long enough, you start to believe in it. Her children clearly feel this absence and all of them, but particularly Jewel and Darl, have a difficult time dealing with it. But I had been used to words for a long time. These are existential dilemmas faced by males and females alike, by all humans. In order to convey the meaninglessness of words, she must use words.

And indeed, they are not, for they have two more children together after Darl is born. It would be quiet there then, with the water bubbling up and away and the sun slanting quiet in the trees and the quiet smelling of damp and rotting leaves. About the age of 13, he began to write poetry.

The basic plot of the Bundren family travelling from their home to Jefferson portrays as a pointless and destructive quest. And it is ironic that Darl is the one son who continually inquires into the intricacies and awareness of life.

Like the rest of his family, Vardaman is mentally unstable, but his condition is magnified due to this lack of understanding of life and death This becomes evident when a story has been recollected by numerous spectators.

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