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The phone system is a major pain in the ass and takes forever to search for an open time slot which is bullshit because you'll have to wait in line for along time anyway once you get therebut be patient.

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They promise to obtain a passport within days or weeks. However, if you need to get your passport in hand even sooner, you can choose the expedited option on your Form DS Call the number and make sure someone picks up the phone, and customer services are being provided. First-time applicants, children and some people applying for passport renewals will still need to visit the post office or anywhere else passport applications are accepted before sending the documents to the expediting company. Check out my website. Because depending on your situation, it totally could. How Does Expediting a Passport Work? The expediting company reviews your passport application for completeness and accuracy before hand-carrying it to the Department of State to have it processed. Their website has all the details. Their number is , or if calling after hours.

But it makes no sense to pay hundreds of dollars more for quicker service than you need. Their website has all the details.

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Contact us today! If you have the bucks, then those services are great. Five days. If you have nearly a month, it can be done, but don't wait. Just go with one that's been recommended. Scam artists are aware of this fact, and often target new international travelers and their passports before they leave home.

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Are Passport Expediting Services Legitimate?