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Economic Factors By the Apple Inc. This essay focuses on some Apple Inc. Wozniak had been attracted to computer-design and created what became the Apple I Another strength for the organization is that for every software that Apple Inc. The company is recognized for being ahead for the innovation of electronic gadgets. Developing, designing creating consumer electronics, computer software, online services. Reputation damage due to tax scandal, Infringement of intellectual property IP rights.

I will discuss two strategic factors that I believe Apple should consider as they establish their long-term strategy for growth Their products could be designed specifically for an individual that has medical challenges. The Social Responsibility of Apple Inc.

The company has been extremely innovative in the field of multimedia and it owes it success to one of the greatest innovators, Steve Jobs.

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Apple maintains levels of inventory that keep up with consumer demand rather than sitting on inventory that could potentially not move Apple Inc Apple Inc. Strategy 3 Add more features to current products for greater Wintel compatibility.

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Social and political unrest in China could disrupt manufacturing or increase manufacturing costs in that country. Also, in China Apple Inc. The brand loyalty of its product and its super dedicated research and development department are also its major strengths.

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