An examination of the notion of patriotism

what is the purpose of patriotism

He would work for a just and humane society at home, and seek to ensure that the country acts justly beyond its borders, and shows common human solidarity towards those in need, however distant and unfamiliar.

Special duties mediate our fundamental, universal duties and make possible their most effective discharge.

In one textbook on African-American history, Crispus Attucks, a mulatto inadvertently killed at the Boston Massacre, receives more space than Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison combined.

Patriotism britannica

Cohen, Joshua ed. The social contract tends to become a more ingenious trap than any appeal to the patriotic love of country rooted in filial loyalty, whether in its pure Socratic form or in the various dilutions of it that are always current. Freedom hides its secret because of its essential loftiness. Therefore the definition needs to include such concern. Even worse, his theory may seduce us, by its promise of justice, to grant the blood-tax it levies. Every aspect of patriotism involves an inherent witness that is bound to evade our examination of it. Are these essay examples edited? Patriotism's appeal is the temporary relief the addicted undergo when confronted with the hard realities that the State is corrupt. Kibin does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the essays in the library; essay content should not be construed as advice. It is based on an understanding of special relationships as intrinsically valuable and involving duties of special concern for the well-being of those we are related to.

Another mitigating factor in any generalization about patriotism is that for some, group identity may inform political attitudes. In a later statement of his argument80—81Keller seems to be of two minds on this point. I associate this notion with traditions of thinking that have not yet arrived at the idea that political society owes its rightful existence only to the consent of the people, originally and continuously thereafter.

Believing what George W.

what patriotism

Are such feelings properly transferred to a country? A debt of gratitude is not incurred by any benefit received.

patriotism and sacrifice
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Patriotism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)